Are You a Numbers Person?

Please take a moment to answer a few questions about how good you think you are at working with math and numbers. Give the response that best matches how you feel.

Not Good At All
Extremely Good
How good are you at working with fractions?
How good are you at working with percentages?
How good are you at calculating a 15% tip?
How good are you at figuring out how much a shirt will cost if it is 25% off?
When reading the newspaper, how helpful do you find tables and graphs that are parts of a story?
Not At All Helpful
Extremely Helpful
When people tell you the chance of something happening, do you prefer that they use words ("it rarely happens") or numbers ("there's a 1% chance")?
Always Prefer Words
Always Prefer Numbers
When you hear a weather forecast, do you prefer predictions using percentages (e.g., "there will be a 20% chance of rain today") or predictions using only words (e.g., "there is a small chance of rain today")
Always Prefer Percentages
Always Prefer Words
How often do you find numerical information to be useful?
Very Often