Sarah Hawley, PhD, MPH

Sarah T. Hawley holds a PhD in health services research from the University of North Carolina and an MPH from Yale University Department of Public Health. Her primary research is in decision making related to cancer prevention and control, particularly among racial/ethnic minority and underserved populations. She has a specific focus on understanding the role of patient preferences and patient-physician communication in use of screening and treatment services and in reducing health disparities. Dr. Hawley's current research projects focus on understanding breast cancer treatment decision making among racial/ethnic minority women, and in evaluating the impact of a preference-tailored decision aid for increasing colon cancer screening in diverse primary care patients. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, running, and being a mom to two high-energy daughters!

Recent Publications:

Employment of nurse practitioners and physician assistants in breast cancer care
Friese CR, Hawley ST, Griggs JJ, Jagsi R, Graff JJ, Hamilton AS, Janz NK, Katz SJ. J Oncol Pract 2011;6:312-6.

Correlates of worry about recurrence in a multiethnic population-based sample of women with breast cancer
Janz NK, Hawley ST, Mujahid M, Griggs JJ, Alderman A, Hamilton AS, Graff JJ, Jagsi R, Katz SJ. Cancer 2011;117:1827-36.

Recent Press Coverage:

Women Remain Unsure of Breast Cancer Survival Rates
July 02, 2008