At-Risk Women Unlikely to Take Tamoxifen

CBSSM's Co-director  Angela Fagerlin, PhD, is the lead author on a study showing that women at high risk for breast cancer are unlikely to choose the drug tamoxifen, even if they are well informed about its benefits. Dr. Fagerlin's research has received wide media attention. For a press release summarizing the data, click here

Additional authors on the article, which appeared in the online journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, are Brian Zikmund-Fisher, Dylan Smith, Vijayan Nair, Holly Derry, Paula Lantz, Daniel Hayes, Rosemarie Pitsch, Aleksandra Jankovic, and Peter Ubel from the University of Michigan; Jennifer McClure, Sarah Greene, and Cheryl Wiese from Group Health Center for Health Studies in Seattle; Azadeh Stark, Sharon Hensley Alford, and Sarah Claud Zweig from Henry Ford Health System in Detroit.