Media Messages on Social Determinants of Health

A forthcoming article in the American Journal of Public Health on media messages about the social determinants of health is receiving wide attention. Sarah E. Gollust, PhD, is the lead author on the study, which finds that "Americans' opinions about health policy are polarized on polical partisan lines." The study suggests that "some advocates' proposed strategy of publicizing the social determinants of health will be unlikely to uniformly increase the American public's support for public health policies that target these determinants." Dr. Gollust, who is currently a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, completed her PhD at the University of Michigan, where she worked with the other authors of this article, Paula M. Lantz, PhD (School of Public Health) and Peter A. Ubel, MD (formerly CBSSM Director). Hear Dr. Ubel discuss this important study on Michigan Radio. Read commentaries in the Washington Post and at Scientific Blogging