Quality of life after liver transplantation

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Liver transplantation has become the preferred treatment for most patients with end-stage liver disease. While short-term outcomes are excellent, less is known about the long-term impact of transplantation on quality of life (QOL). A major barrier to research in this area is the lack of QOL questionnaires targeted to the post-liver transplant population. The aim of this multi-phase study is to develop an instrument for measuring QOL after liver transplantation, and to determine patient and donor factors that correlate with QOL.

This study will utilize focus groups and face-to-face pilot testing to develop a post-transplant QOL questionnaire. The questionnaire will contain a liver disease-specific section in addition to more general QOL measures. The newly designed post-transplant QOL survey will be mailed out to transplant recipients as part of a two-timepoint study of factors that correlate with QOL (such as age, etiology of liver disease, and quality of the organ received, among others).