Research Projects


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Democratic Deliberation and Surrogate Consent for Dementia Research

Enrolling adults with decisional incapacity in dementia research based on surrogate permission (surrogate-based...

Researchers: Scott Kim , Raymond De Vries , Appelbaum PS , Knopman D , Laura Damschroder , Aimee Stanczyk , Ian Wall

Therapeutic Misconception and Neurosurgical Trials with Sham Controls

Ethicists have raised concerns that elderly patients with a progressively debilitating disease such...

Researchers: Scott Kim , Raymond De Vries , Kieburtz K , Wilson R , Frank S , Kim HM

Capacity to Appoint a Proxy for Research Consent

This project examines whether persons with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) who are incapable of providing...

Researchers: Scott Kim , Karlawish JH , Appelbaum PS , Ian Wall

Book on Decision-Making Capacity

Dr. Kim is currently finishing a book on assessment of decision-making capacity, to be published...

Researchers: Scott Kim

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Reform

Although everyone agrees that IRB oversight of human subjects research is necessary and important,...

Researchers: Scott Kim , Peter Ubel , Raymond De Vries

National Survey of Medical Decisions

The National Survey of Medical Decisions (the DECISIONS study), co-led by CBDSM investigators Mick...

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