Michael Volk, MSc, MD

Michael Volk is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the University of Michigan. His clinical practice focuses on the care of patients with liver disease, including those undergoing liver transplantation and those with hepatocellular carcinoma. His research interests focus on the ethics of resource allocation, patient and physician decision making, and chronic disease management. In particular, he has conducted a series of studies designed to improve the way decisions are made about using high risk liver transplant organs.

Recent Publications:

Decision making in liver transplant selection committees
Volk M, Biggins SW, Huang MA, Argo CK, Fontana RJ, Anspach R. Annals of Internal Medicine 2011;155:503-508.

Contracts with patients in clinical practice
Volk M, Lieber SR, Kim SY, Ubel P, Schneider CE. Lancet 2011.

Recent Press Coverage:

U-M study reveals something surprising about people waiting for a liver transplant
Michigan Radio - December 03, 2011