Vitality, mental health, and satisfaction with information after breast cancer.

  • Jennifer Griggs
  • Sorbero ME
  • Mallinger JB
  • Quinn ME
  • Waterman M
  • Brooks B
  • Yirinec BI
  • Shields CG

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between satisfaction with information about treatment-related and survivorship issues and mental health outcomes, including vitality, in long-term breast cancer survivors. METHODS: Participants who had finished treatment for breast cancer at least 3 months before enrollment completed a survey instrument designed to evaluate satisfaction with diagnostic and treatment information and satisfaction with survivorship information. Mental health and vitality were measured using the Medical Outcomes Study SF-36, and distress was measured using the impact of events scale. Bivariate analyses and linear regression analyses were performed to investigate the relationships between satisfaction with information, mental health, vitality, and distress controlling for clinical and treatment variables. RESULTS: The survey was completed by 231 participants (response rate 83%). More respondents were highly satisfied with treatment information (87%) than with survivorship information (30%, p=0.0001). There was a strong positive relationship between satisfaction with information (both treatment and survivorship issues) and vitality, mental health, and a strong negative relationship with distress. In multivariate analyses, satisfaction with treatment information was independently associated with mental health (p<0.01), and satisfaction with survivorship information was independently associated with vitality (p<0.05). CONCLUSION: Among patients who have completed treatment for breast cancer, satisfaction with diagnosis and treatment information is greater than satisfaction with survivorship issues and satisfaction with information may play an important role in mental health outcomes. PRACTICE IMPLICATIONS: Given the relationship between satisfaction with information and vitality, interventions to improve informational support regarding survivorship issues are warranted.

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